Saffron Quantrell, Editor in Chief

What’s On In Our Backyard magazine was first published in Port Stephens in December 2010, with the website launch taking place the same month. Since then, both the magazine and website have grown to become trusted resources for resident and visiting families of Port Stephens, searching for information and services relevant to the area.

The success of the magazine has been down to the localness of the people involved. Saffron Quantrell, Editor of the magazine, lives in Boat Harbour and has two children, Danny and Mia. Saffron and her team are LOCAL people who use the services of businesses, have children at the schools and preschools, walk in the parks and involve their kids in sporting activities: because of this we understand the needs of families and are able to offer up to date and valuable information for parents.

What’s On In Our Backyard magazine is published just prior to each school holiday and distributed to 10,000 local and visiting families, so information can be found in print quarterly and online all the time! You will find useful information such as kids activities, clubs, classes, sports groups, special events, ‘what’s on’ calendar, with school holiday activities and ideas for family days out, playgroups and support services plus heaps more …all located here in ‘our backyard’ Port Stephens!

We are thrilled to be able to provide both a fantastic resource for parents with children aged 0-18 years, and a powerful avenue for local businesses and service providers wanting to get their message across to the families of Port Stephens.