Well now you can with Australian zeolite!

This magic mineral supplement, distributed by Brenda White and Greg Pelton of locally owned business Zeo Natural, is 100% natural, toxin free and organic certified. Australia has a very pure source of zeolite. Its purity is assured as the zeolite deposit has been kept free from modern day pollution by a thick covering of rock. Australian zeolite has a fascinating history which covers more than 300 million years!

Zeolite mud helps to ease the pain of severe bites like wasps and bull ants quickly and also takes the itch out of mosquito and sandfly bites. I have personally used this numerous times on myself and my family and the results are incredible.

Most insect bites should ease with the help of zeolite. Luckily we haven’t been able to test zeolite yet on bee stings, spider bites and snake bites. In theory zeolite should work on these types of bites, as in Russia zeolite has been used for many years to draw out poisons.

Here are three simple steps that will help you to soothe those inevitable bites and stings this summer:

Step 1

Make up a thick zeolite mud with six level tablespoons of zeolite powder and four teaspoons of water, in a small bowl or cup. Stir well until smooth. Keep in a tightly sealed jar or use immediately. This mud is excellent to take on camping or fishing trips, especially in the tropics.

Step 2

Apply the zeolite mud and leave on the bite as long as possible, even after it has dried out. Covering the mud on an insect bite with a bandaid will help to keep the mud moist longer and stop it from falling off when it is dry.

Step 3

Even if the mud is left uncovered and most of it falls off, you will see that a powder residue is left behind, especially on top of the bite. When this happens reapply more mud on top of the dried powder.

For more information on applying zeolite mud to specific bites and stings and to purchase online, CLICK HERE