Port Stephens resident Jewell Drury is the Media and Marketing Officer of a registered charity organisation, COPSY, who are launching a free counselling service for youth aged 12 to 18 years in Port Stephens.

Jewell believes that the family unit is the core and lifeblood of society.

As a mother of seven, foster parent to one and a grandmother to five, it is no wonder that Jewell’s heart has taken to supporting families in our community and beyond.

The majority of Jewell’s life has seen her as a passionate advocate for those who have no voice and she is noted for her stand against injustice especially when it comes to children and families.

During the past several years, Jewell has supported families through the emotional and financial burden of the family law court and believes it is time to make changes to the current system.

“Supporting families through family separation and the family law court, I have found that the current laws can sometimes be used to keep parents, grandparents and relatives, from their children for extended periods of time,” Jewell shared with What’s On In Our Backyard.

Jewell has witnessed family violence firsthand and understands that domestic violence comes in many forms and is genderless.

“Vulnerable families continue to be exposed to a legal process that can ignore the trauma of relationship failures and too many times enables family violence and prolongs the legal process,” said Ms Drury.

Jewell understands how vital it is for children to have a relationship with both parents.

A believer in being the change that you want to see in the world, Jewell was recently honoured to be preselected by the Australian Better Families Party as their first Federal Candidate and their No 1 Senate Candidate for NSW, in the next Federal election.

“I am so honoured to represent the ABF party. I love that all of our policies ensure that Australian Families benefit before all others, and I encourage people to go over to our website or Facebook page to see more on our policies,” Jewell Drury said.

“From our Family Law policy, which ensures families dealing with child access disputes will be supported through long term mediation and counselling programs, to maintain healthy relationships and happy families post separation, to our Food Security policy, that ensures that Australian Families receive access to fresh local produce and access to fresh drinking water during times of national crisis.

“Recently, the Australian Better Families election campaign caravan travelled through western NSW. We were shocked to hear from so many families who had run out of water. In 2019, this is unacceptable and I believe we can and must do better.”

“I believe Australians are ready to see changes to the current laws that ensure that Australian families benefit first before all others.”

Jewell hopes to gain everyone’s support at the upcoming federal election and believes that the only way change will happen is by joining together.

“We are better together,” Jewell said.