• The iconic ‘Wild Thing’ Imperial Stout
  • Cherry Porter and Raspberry Dark Sour
  • ‘Nitrogenised’ Coco Hops
  • Belgian Darks
  • Black IPA

From Saturday 1 June to Sunday 30 June

Murray’s Brewery’s dark beer line-up will be unleashed this June during its annual Dark Beer & BBQ Festival celebrations. SEVEN crazy beers will be progressively released from Saturday 1 June.

“We’re aiming to give people some great survival tools and reasons to embrace winter. Each June we bring out our darkest beers to help make winter warmer, and each weekend we’ll offer up matching dark beer food, including delicious finger licking BBQ specials,” says brewery owner, Murray Howe. “These aren’t ordinary beers. They’re audacious, sometimes mad dark beers. Some are sweet, some a little bitter, and there are several styles in between – there’s truly something for everyone.”

“Who could resist trying a chocolate, coffee and raspberry beer or citrus, pine and roasted caramel beer? There’s even one with raisin, prune and brown sugar flavours. Although most people think that dark beers are all high in alcohol, the majority of this year’s offerings are very sessionable beers,” he added.

Murray’s 2019 Dark Beer Month Line-up

Headlining this year is Murray’s ‘Wild Thing’ Imperial Stout (10% abv). The original Murray’s cult beer, ‘Wild Thing’ Imperial Stout, is a massive, intense drinking experience inspired by the great stouts favoured by the Russian Imperial Court. The colour is midnight black. The flavour is an intense hit of mocha, with malt sweetness and an aggressive hop bitterness and roast grain bite to balance.

1.Released Saturday 8 June, can and draught

Murray’s Coco Hops Nitro (5.5% abv). Coco Hops Nitro is exactly as it sounds, the same great brown coconut porter that everyone loves but with a nitro twist. Instead of the usual carbon dioxide for carbonation, it has been carbonated with a mix of 75% nitrogen,
25% CO2 giving it the creamy texture that people would be familiar with in beers such as Guinness and Kilkenny.

2.Released Saturday 1 June, draught

Murray’s Cherry Porter (4.8% abv). The Cherry Porter aroma is strong and intense, with some earthiness, strong fruit flavours such as sweet cherries, bitter chocolate and dark bread.

3.Released Saturday 1 June, draught

Murray’s Raspberry Sour (3.5% abv). Very light coffee and chocolate malt aroma hidden beneath the raspberry. Pours like a cherry cola sparkling with a reddish, black colour. Immediate sourness is quickly balanced by the sweetness from the raspberries.

4.Released Saturday 8 June, draught

Murray’s Belgian Dubbel’ (6.5% abv). Hazy mahogany with golden brown highlights, along with a creamy tan head and residual lacing, Aromas of raisins, prunes, brown sugar, caramel, figs, dates, brown bread, earthy wood and vanilla. Medium to full bodied, soft on the palette.

5.Released Saturday 15 June, draught

Murray’s Dark Belgian Strong (8% abv). Brewed using a blend of Trappist ale yeasts and five different Belgian and German specialty malts. With complex aromas of bubble gum, banana and cloves from the yeasts, raisins and stone fruit from the malts, it is a perfect winter warmer. Sweet mouth filling malt up front with a remarkably dry finish for a beer of this size.

6.Released Saturday 22 June, draught

Murray’s Black IPA (6% abv). The aroma is intensely hoppy with citrus, pine and roasted caramel malts. A flavour of citrus hops, loads of wood, spruce and pine needles, with lightly roasted malts and earthy notes. Medium-to-high bitterness on the finish with a persistent off-white foam and medium carbonation.

7.Released Saturday 29 June, draught


All beers will be available progressively across the month of June from Murray’s Brewery in venue or online (www.murraysbrewingco.com.au), plus some available through leading craft beer venues.